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All courses include manual, certificate, level-appropriate attunement, hands-on practice, as well as refreshments morning and afternoon and full lunch provided.

Level I The focus is on self-healing and helping others. After the student completes the required training they are able to practice Reiki and do self-healings. At this level, the student learns the history of Reiki, the energy system, the nature of the Reiki energy, the Reiki Ethics, the five principles, the hand positions, how to do a self-healing and how to provide a session for others. One day course - $150
Level II The focus is on learning 3 of the healing symbols, including sending Reiki from a distance.  We will certainly discuss the ethics behind sending distance Reiki as well as an in-depth discussion on clearing unwanted habits, empowering personal goals, and manifesting permanent change in your life.  Completion of Level II earns the student the opportunity to advertise as a Practitioner and to be compensated for their services. One day course - $150
Advanced In my/our lineage, the levels of training are taught in four instead of three sessions. This intermediate 3rd level will include The Master Meditation technique, a Healing Attunement, the Violet Breath, Psychic Surgery, and Reiki Crystal Grids. The Master symbol is given but the student is not taught how to attune others or teach Reiki. One day course - $150
Reiki Master The focus is on attuning others to the Reiki energy and on teaching Reiki to others. An essay is written on why the student wishes to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. It is discussed at length. The master symbol is introduced and practiced. The benefits of living a spirit-based life and seriously integrating the precepts of Dr. Usui are discussed. Two day course - $550

Classes scheduled on an on-going basis based on requests. Min 4 students per place, Max 8. Contact us for available dates.

Life Mapping Workshops - 3 hours

Come learn how to strategically manage your life by setting destinations and logging your route. Would you set off on a big trip with no idea of the route you would take, or some idea of how long it might take you to get there?  Without thinking and planning in advance the trip could be costly to you in both terms of finances (Gas, accommodations) and time (taking the scenic route and going left where you needed to go right!).

Sitting down and creating a visual plan of  where you are heading and what you desire in your life will help to manifest your success in actually living the life you wish for yourself.  All of this is based upon the Laws of Attaction. 

Feel free to contact me regarding additional dates.  If you have a group of 4 to 6 friends who would like to get together, I will work toward creating a time especially for you.  The cost of this workshop is $45 per person. All materials will be supplied.