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Products at Willow ’s Lantern are made with all natural ingredients of the highest possible quality.

Bath Salts

Take a moment and pamper yourself with our luxurious bath salts.  Feel the fast pace and stresses of the day melt away from your body and feed your spirit with these all natural products which will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and your skin silky soft.

Linen Sprays

A most decadent treat!  Lightly scent your sheets and towels so that you benefit from the wonderful properties of essential oils as you sleep and as you prepare to meet the day.

Fairy Doors

I believe in magic! I believe in the wonders of fairy folk that bless our lives. What more wonderful than to allow them into our homes with their own unique entrance!
Each door is handcrafted and individually decorated. No two are alike. Simply affix them to the wall in a discrete corner by the baseboard with sticky-gum. What a fabulous discussion item as your guests spot them!